Commercial or Residential 


V.C.T. Tile Flooring     Seal, Wax, and Buff or Machine Scrubbed and Stripped

                                                  Need Regular Scheduled Maintenance 

Carpet                       Shampooing and Need Regular Scheduled Maintenance 

Pressure Washing   Exterior Pressure Washing Remove All The Dirt, Grime, Mold 

                                                 and Moss that the prior year has left behind 

Janitorial Cleaning   Set up a Cleaning Maintenance Scheduled That Fits You   


Deep Cleaning           A One Time Cleaning or the Kick Off to Your Cleaning                                                                         Maintenance Schedule

New Construction     Residential or Commercial We go in and Ready the Home or 

      Clean Outs           Building for Occupancy This service has a One Time Come                                            Back

ForeClosure               Bank or Real Estate Agency Removal of Trash/Junk Inside 

  Clean Outs                and Outside Clean Inside Ready Home For Sale 


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